Welcome/Academic Program Overview

The academic culture at Forest Ridge is rooted in the 210-year-old Sacred Heart history of finding the best ways young women learn and enhanced by current technologies and educational research that help shape our teaching. Forest Ridge students win spelling and geography competitions and statewide knowledge bowls. They challenge themselves by taking International Baccalaureate courses, as well as  honors and advanced classes. They build robots and operate them via their laptop computers. Freshman Physics First classes and the interdisciplinary Senior Seminar are bookends framing issues and discussions in the areas of race, politics, religion, gender and science.
Fifth-graders and freshmen receive a brand new laptop ready for the next few years of Anytime, Anywhere learning. You can walk on water in middle school science class while learning about non-Newtonian substances. In middle school math, teachers help guide you in developing a strong foundation in math skills and confidence as a mathematician. In high school, you can work, learn and play on aquatic biology trips to Costa Rica, study the major works of American and British literature, excel in international languages, strengthen your algebra and pre-calculus skills, and then take your place at the head of the college-bound class.
Forest Ridge girls tackle challenging assignments. They are motivated and eager to learn and they enjoy the support of excellent, caring teachers every step of the way. Our students are fully engaged in lively classes in math, science, language and the arts where hands-on experiences make learning exciting and fun. Finally, as Forest Ridge graduates, they are prepared to move forward into the world, ready to take on college and beyond.
Perhaps you will follow in the footsteps of your Forest Ridge sisters as musicians, artists, physicians, farmers, writers, builders, human rights advocates, chefs, architects, attorneys, teachers, pilots, and even astronauts.
Inside the Classroom