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"My job as a mother is to tend to the mind, body, and spirit of my daughter. Forest Ridge educates her mind, the community feeds her spirit, and the FRidge cares for her body. I feel comfort in knowing where my daughter's food is coming from and that her nutrition at school is supporting the way we do things at home."   -Lora Plaskon, Mother
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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
CSA is an old way to get food...directly from the person who grows it! 
Community Supported Agriculture Information from Local Harvest

Earth Day 2013!
Earth Day was a huge success this year! Check out our "Sustainability" page to see photos of our 5th graders planting our first crop in the school garden. We will be eating our very own Forest Ridge grown potatoes next Earth Day, 2014!

Heirloom Food: Good for You and the World
Buying heirloom and heritage products from local farmers, “promotes agricultural diversity, biodiversity, and sustainability."

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What's for lunch?
"I am proud to see Forest Ridge, under the expert direction of our executive chef—Ron Askew—and his talented team, make great strides in providing not only local, organic, nutritious options for our community, but also for engaging the community in educational initiatives to sustain these healthy habits for life."
- Mark Pierotti, Head of School
Photographs by Fan Xu, HS Art Student
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