Here, She Can Try

There is Power in Every Girl

From her first steps on our 19-acre woodland campus, she will feel the difference. Teachers work together to challenge and support her in her studies, friendships and goals. Classes inspire her to think. Spaces empower her to dream, discover and do. Friends lift her up and make her laugh.

About Forest Ridge

The All-Girls Advantage

93% of girls’ school grads say they were offered greater leadership opportunities than peers at coed schools and 80% have held leadership positions since graduating from high school.  National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS)

Seattle Area Girls School

Why Forest Ridge?

We are a private school that empowers girls to push their own limits and lead from the heart.

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of seniors accepted 4-year colleges or universities


schools in 41 countries make up the Network of Sacred Heart Schools


of students are catholic


laptop program as a Microsoft Showcase School


zipcodes from across 22 different cities represented by our students


Languages Spoken on Campus


Ravens sports teams across grades 5-12


drama productions each year in the Lee Theatre

Private School for Girls

Here, She Can Lead

The advisory program at Forest Ridge prepares girls to be brave, resilient, global leaders by supporting the development of three essential pillars: wellness, social-emotional intelligence and leadership. These foundational pillars are based in research and woven into every element of the Forest Ridge experience. From the classroom curriculum, to community service, to the playing field—she practices the skills that make her ready to lead.

Our Integrated Curriculum

Forest Ridge is doing all the things educators know they should do but are afraid to do. It isn’t just interdisciplinary, it’s integrating multiple ways of thinking and doing.

Our curriculum empowers girls to explore their interests through integrated classes and hands-on learning.

Bellevue Girls School for Academics


Our girl-powered arts program inspires students to dream big, while building confidence, creativity and resilience.

Bellevue Girls School for Arts


Athletics is more than just a competition. It is an opportunity to build confidence, strength and friendships, while working together as a team.

Bellevue Girls School for Athletics


Forest Ridge Community Ministry supports both our Catholic and Sacred Heart identities and promotes an active and personal faith in God through prayer and service.

Bellevue Catholic School

Faith & Service

At Forest Ridge, we know girls. Learn more about our programs and curriculum that inspire and empower our students to lead.

Girls Leadership School


On the Ridge

Community Voices

What I love most about Forest Ridge are the friendships. When I transferred to this school, the girls on campus quickly became my best friends. This school has changed me because of the sense of sisterhood I never had until now. This is the most important part of being at Forest Ridge - the relationships.Olivia w., Class of 2026

My favorite aspect of Forest Ridge is the community. Over these past 3 years, I’ve gained the most amazing friends who truly support each other. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to strengthen relationships across grade levels through fun events and time outside of the classroom. Life on “the Ridge” simply wouldn’t be the same without all of the wonderful people.Violet B., Class of 2019

Girls can be themselves here. We have a very supportive community and that allows students to be who they are. They aren't restricted in any way and that helps promote their ability to try different things and to bring a sense of joy to the community. School should be fun. You should want to be here and you should enjoy your time.  Molly muller, 8th Grade dean middle school humanities teacher

Upcoming Events


Workshop 1: Succeeding in the Financial Aid Process

Recommended for 12th-grade families.

This workshop guides you through the senior-year application process to complete timely and accurate applications and help advocate for your unique circumstances. This includes how to research, track and apply for merit aid from colleges.

About College Money Method:
As a member of the Seattle Area Independent Schools (SAIS), Forest Ridge has partnered with Paul Martin of the College Money Method. The College Money Method is designed to increase support for families in an important area of your journey to college: understanding what it means to pay for college today and the financial aid process. Paul brings expertise in the broader system of college financial support-both need-based and merit-based aid-so all families can meet their goals to pay for college.

Paul's approach is unique. He has developed a curriculum that breaks down the college financial aid process into the key information and actions families need to consider every year in high school. The program encourages students to be advocates in this process by explaining how colleges make financial aid decisions. Each focused session builds on previous ones to provide cumulative, comprehensive guidance and preparation.

All workshops offer interactive resources that support personal exploration of your financial fit and actionable planning steps. These workshops will take place on Zoom (links take you directly to the meeting) and run from 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

About Paul Martin:
Paul Martin is the founder of College Money Method, a financial education service focused on helping students and families with college affordability and the financial aid process. A graduate of Harvard and MIT, his passion for this work stems from his own experience going through the process as a first-generation college student.

He works with 35 independent schools nationwide to offer his curriculum to students of diverse economic backgrounds. He advises the college counseling teams in Miami-Dade and Broward School Districts on how to support the students through the financial aid process.

Click here for Zoom link!

Sacred Heart Center

Join us for an evening with Laura Kastner, Ph.D as she discusses the science and strategies behind raising competent and healthy teens through a balance of love and limits. The evening begins with refreshments at 5:00 p.m., followed by Dr. Kastner's talk at 5:30 p.m.

During her talk, Dr. Kastner will explore the question, "What do teenagers really want from their parents? (…and feels like love)" and what parents can do to foster the skills needed to be competent and healthy teens. Dr. Kastner will explore strategies that balance love and limits, including ideas such as:

  • Acceptance that they need to develop their own identities and still have safety nets
  • Trust that they deserve independence and protection from challenges which they are not prepared to handle on their own.
  • Freedom to make their own decisions and learn from mistakes and limits which prevent dangerous risk-taking.
  • Respect that they can manage many of their own problems and help when they can't.

Do you give your daughter enough independence to grow but enough limits to avoid harm or overwhelm? The parenting approach which includes both granting autonomy and creating boundaries contrasts with taking an either/or approach to protecting children from difficulties. Struggle and occasional suffering is part of learning and developing competencies. Optimal parenting is an ingenious blend of support and challenge.

Learning about the extensive research on the predictors of academic, social and emotional competence is an important place to start, but operationalizing the science so that you can decide what's best for your particular daughter is quite another endeavor. Your family's background and culture, as well as your daughter's temperament and track record, will influence how you parent with your love and limits, but the common goal we all share is raising healthy, thriving and successful young adults.

To register, please click here.

Sacred Heart Center

All parents and guardians are invited to attend the PGA September meeting from 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. in the Sacred Heart Center.


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