8th Grade Service: Taking Action!
Noelle Morrison M.A.E, 8th Grade Social Studies, 7/8 Writing, Middle School Life Coordinator

Goal 3 of a Sacred Heart Education calls on Sacred Heart Schools to educate to “a social awareness that impels to action.” This year, 7th and 8th graders meet once a week for time dedicated to just that – exploration of justice versus charity, an opportunity to provide service to our Forest Ridge community, and a chance to engage with and serve those in our broader communities.

Last Friday, 8th graders worked in teams to cut and tie no-sew blankets for rescued dogs and cats living at Seattle Humane, an animal shelter located just a few miles from campus. For many, this was their first time creating blankets, and they had to use creativity, crafting skills, and communication throughout the process. As a result of their hard work, some lucky fluffy friends will be receiving blankets during the colder months!

The 7th and 8th grade service classes have some exciting opportunities coming up. We will be venturing off-campus to serve at Food Lifeline, an incredible organization that distributes meals and groceries to families and individuals in our community that are experiencing food insecurity, an issue that middle schoolers engaged with as a part of our Global Days exploration. In February, our service classes will be making over 150 PB&J sandwiches for Union Gospel Mission. UGM hands out these sandwiches and other necessities to unhoused folks in downtown Seattle.

By integrating service into the school day, students are introduced to the idea that service is not limited to one day or a required number of hours, rather, we are called to contribute our time, talents, and resources to lifting our communities up. In our service classes, students research and propose service opportunities – a level of engagement that inspires personal buy-in and commitment to furthering the common good on a local, national, and global level.