Advent: Hopeful Waiting and Preparation
Molly Melican, Middle School Faculty

Recently, the whole Forest Ridge community came together to celebrate the start of Advent with a prayer service led by Mr. Hostak. In the Catholic faith, Advent is the month-long liturgical season right before Christmas, the day where we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Advent, which derives its name from the Latin adventus (coming, arrival) celebrates our waiting for the “arrival of Jesus” on Christmas morning. Since Advent comes right before this momentous event for Christians, it is a season of waiting and of preparation. At this prayer service, Mr. Hostak gave a wonderful reflection on the importance of preparing while we wait, rather than just simply waiting.

As I was listening to Mr. Hostak, I was thinking about how we can bring this attitude of preparation into the classroom. Perhaps a teacher announces a big test that will happen next week. Immediately, students start to dread that test day. As they wait for the test, the task starts to grow larger and larger in their minds. The stress and anxiety surrounding the test mount as the day grows closer, and they wish you could just get it over with. However, in keeping with the spirit of Advent, we can turn this waiting into preparation. We can craft a study plan. We can make note cards. We can meet with our teacher during study hall. Really, there are endless possibilities for how we can prepare! Rather than wait for our test to come to us, we can charge forward in preparation and seize the opportunity to show what we know.

We all face big challenges in our lives. Whether it be a huge test, deciding where to attend high school and college, or an important family decision, we all encounter situations where preparation can aid us in embracing these moments and using our waiting time wisely.

As we head into this Christmas holiday, what is something big that you are waiting for? How can you use your gifts and talents to prepare for this moment?