Athletics and Academics
Jeanne Higgins
By Jeanne Higgins
Director of Athletics
January 24, 2019
Though it’s not easy to juggle the demands of being both a student and an athlete, Forest Ridge students use the challenge to develop into well-rounded, confident young women. Both the high-level academic workload at an elite school like Forest Ridge and the responsibilities and requirements of being a competitive athlete require significant commitment from our students.
Forest Ridge prepares students to see the benefits of participating in athletics. As Claire Hines, a senior and three-season varsity athlete, points out, “Being physically active has been proven to help your brain, which can only benefit you in school.”
Claire’s teammates echo her sentiment, adding that playing sports translates into other skills such as time management, self-discipline, stress relief and leadership capabilities. These students see athletics and academics as complementary, rather than taking away time from one another.
Christia Fisher, a junior and varsity athlete, adds one more key reason to play sports, “It’s also really fun and provides life-long memories!”
Sports are an attractive aspect of a high school experience. At Forest Ridge, the value our athletes place on being part of a team contributes to their efforts to excel in the classroom. The positive relationship between athletics and academics at Forest Ridge builds life-long skills and healthy habits, ultimately helping our student-athletes become leaders in society.
Go Team!
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