Business Management
Dana Van Reeth
By Dana Van Reeth
Social Studies, Religious Studies
May 15, 2019

Business Management students are busy finalizing their Entrepreneurship project. This has involved a multi-step process of writing a full-fledged college-level business plan and preparing a PowerPoint and visual presentation of their products and services for outside of Forest Ridge judges. This year, these judges include people from advertising and venture capitalists.

Projects vary widely from a new phone product, to the fashion and food industries, to cleaning products.

Students are responsible to undertake company, industry, marketing, management and financial analysis of their products. They have a lot of fun with creative branding and giving each other ideas and support. This is project-based and very independent learning, as each student team is working with their own idea and learning the ups and downs of pinning that idea to a business plan and getting a good dose of what it might feel like to be an entrepreneur someday. They are all looking forward to sharing their ideas in a professional atmosphere. Wish them luck!