Capturing Memories
Keri Greenheck
By Keri Greenheck
Physical Education and Health Teacher, Yearbook Advisor
December 27, 2018  
This year’s story…memories for a lifetime…are captured in a school yearbook. Everyone is pictured, every event covered with captions and quotes that help bring the pages to life. The first days of school already seem so long ago, yet there we all are on pages 2 and 3 lined up for Convocation, connecting in Link Crew, moving into the lounges and happily greeting friends we missed over the summer. So far we’ve had Frosh Daze, The Feast of Mater, Halloween and congèto mention just a few of the events that make our campus life so special. Not to be overlooked are the class pages, our awesome sports teams and amazing theater productions. The first 44 pages have already been submitted and the yearbook team continues to work hard to capture our story as it unfolds during the year.  
For seniors, there are several special pages dedicated to the full journey at Forest Ridge. There is so much to cherish each year. Yes, this may someday get tucked away in an attic or a distant bedroom. However, think about this – it’s June 2019, the last week of school. The sun is out, summer break is almost here and everyone is asking for signatures and rifling through the yearbook to find the pages on which they are pictured. Now, fast forward 10 years. You are digging out your yearbook from 2018-19 (which now seems like forever ago) to prove you went to school with a now famous person, to show a friend your “great” hairstyle or to refresh your memory on the name of a classmate who you think you just passed in the grocery store.  
A yearbook plays an important part in capturing the highlights of our formative years. I, for one, get my own yearbook out occasionally and I find joy in the memories. It’s an age-old tradition celebrated in a hard copy format that continues to have meaning in a digital world. I hope all of our students will order a copy so they can one day dig it out, dust it off and take a trip down memory lane.
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