Class of 2023 College Acceptance Updates!
Nikki Danos, Director of College Counseling

Can we finally call 2023 a post-pandemic world? I sure hope so! College admissions is still becoming more and more competitive as most universities continued with a test optional policy for the Class of 2023. This led to many colleges shattering records for freshman applicants. Over the past three years, college applications have grown 40% on average. Universities are also on track to significantly widen access to underrepresented students, many of whom saw the ACT/SAT as a barrier to the college application process.

Our seniors were thoughtful about the college search and application process as they considered the best academic, social and financial fit. We’re proud to continue the tradition of 100% of our seniors begin admitted to colleges across the United States. They applied to 126 colleges in 33 states and Canada. Seventy-five percent of applications were submitted through non-binding Early Action and 50% submitted apps through binding Early Decision.

College counseling hosted the 9th Annual College Burn Party where seniors used colorful chalk to write the name of the college they’re attending on the massive cement wall just outside of the high school building and brought college deny/waitlist letters to set up in flames.

Hats off to the Class of 2023!