Computer Science Class Happenings
Laurie Corrin
By Laurie Corrin
High School Math & CS Teacher
May 20, 2019

It’s spring! In our computer science classes, we’re playing with new ideas after working hard all year. In April, we toured the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. One highlight was our visit to the Molecular Information Systems Lab, where grad student Lee Organick shared her research into storing information in DNA. Afterwards, freshman CSE student and Forest Ridge alumna Tiona F. ’18 answered all our questions about studying computer science in college.

In May, our advanced class attended a developer conference, where we tried virtual reality, coded robots and devices, listened to experts, and brought home new Microsoft Surfaces! Now, we’re exploring the field of artificial intelligence. Students are leading lessons on AI in medicine, facial recognition, virtual assistants, the singularity, and self-driving cars. We’re also customizing a chatbot and investigating machine learning and neural networks.

In our introductory class, we’re playing with the BBC micro:bit. This little device has lights, sensors, radio and more for us to control.

I love our small classes with a seminar feel and individualized attention. Each girl benefits from solving problems in a cooperative learning environment. They hear each other’s ideas and see each other’s successes. They look around and see a room full of girls doing computer science.