Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Molly Muller
By Molly Muller
8th Grade Lead
October 1, 2018
One of the Sacred Heart School goals calls to “promote a safe and welcoming environment in which each person is valued, cared for and respected” (Goal IV). Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a day-long diversity workshop with other Forest Ridge teachers and administrators. Our group was composed of high school and middle school teachers, administrators, and members of the admissions department. We came together to create a diversity plan, to support our diversity statement, to further the school’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. “We believe that diversity, in all of its forms, is a pathway not a destination.” Although we do believe Forest Ridge is a welcoming and inclusive community, we have a deep commitment to continue to improve our community.
We began the day by discussing how the school is succeeding while also identifying areas where we could focus more of our attention. We worked on coming to a common understanding of what we want for our community and our goals for the evolving diversity plan. In the afternoon, we turned our discussion into action. We identified categories of focus such as more professional development for faculty, common language, anticipation of access issues, and continuing to work on equity of experience. More work to come around all of these!
It was inspiring to spend a day with colleagues who are committed to this work. We want to create the best environment we can for our students, understand their experience, help them grow, and support their personal development.
During our workshop I was also reminded of the fact that Forest Ridge already does a lot to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community. We do our best to support the journey and individuality of each student and try hard to meet their unique needs. Programs like advisory (where students focus on important non-academic social and emotional curriculum), instructional support, and clubs support this work. We provide opportunities for students and faculty to explore diversity. From our curriculum and global experiences to special events, we provide space for dialogue about differences and encourage perspective shifting.
I am excited to continue walking the pathway of diversity at Forest Ridge!
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