Exploring Japanese Culture
Kari Lavin
By Kari Lavin, M.A.
Middle School Faculty
April 15, 2019
This semester, MS students had the chance to choose a Japanese Culture Explore class. Nineteen students decided to join!
The Explore Japanese Culture class had a blast so far learning some karate moves from own black belt Bella LaBoy in 8th grade, creating dream vacations in various Japanese cities, trying out origami and drawing in the chibi style. Future activities will include making onigiri rice balls and microwave mochi, writing haiku and finding out what our blood types say about us according to Japanese traditions.
Students will also practice chopstick etiquette, and practice using chopsticks by picking up dried beans and putting them in a cup. After practicing, the students will have the chance to partake in the typical breakfast delicacy of natto or stringy fermented soybeans.
Itadakimasu! (Bon appétit!)
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