Feast of Mater and Campus Musings with Director of Faith and Justice, Robin Vincent
Robin Vincent, Director of Faith and Justice


Celebrating the Feast of Mater

As Head of School Mary Rose Guerin shared in her letter, this October we celebrated our patroness Mater Admirabilis with her feast day.

Students in Ms. Seaton's and Mr. Leighton's classes partnered with the Department of Faith and Justice to create frescos of Mary. These were adorned around the chapel for our Feast Mass. Students were immersed in the fresco process as they creatively depicted how Mater looks to them. This pop of color and personalization generated a conversation of how Mater is a mirror of how we want to show up in the world. 

Prayers of Peace and Building Community

With everything that is happening in the world, our students are finding innovative ways to use their voices, showcase their beliefs, and promote peace. As a community, we have found other outlets for students to build community. Whether it be with our Prayer for World Peace or our weekly Communion Services, students are forging a path to understand their own spirituality. As we continue into November, the Department of Faith and Justice will be tackling the issue of "cancel culture" and how to balance tension with contemplative action. To continue this conversation at home, ask your child how they want to show up in the world? What gifts do they want to share with others? If you’d like any support or would like to chat, please email me! I always welcome a conversation.

In peace,  

Robin Vincent

Director of Faith and Justice