Floop Summer Internships
Christine Witcher

In 2015, Christine Witcher, Technology and Innovation Specialist at Forest Ridge, co-created Floop, a web-based feedback tool for teachers and students. Five years later, her creative solution is more relevant than ever as classes go online in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the summer, Ms. Witcher and a team of student and alumnae interns worked hard to prepare Floop for the busy year ahead. Each intern had the opportunity to learn the inner workings of web and app design, from tagging images for accessibility and designing custom avatars to implementing security measures. To see their work in action, visit Floop’s website.

RJ Quiban ’20 spent ten weeks auditing the Floop app for accessibility. She learned about national and international standards for website accessibility, recommended improvements, and worked in the code to implement some of the improvements. For example, she made sure that every image on the website had an “alt” tag, which allows screen readers to describe the content on the screen.

Another recent graduate who interned at Floop over the summer was Alyssa Kiehn ’20, who spent six weeks auditing the app for security. She applied her knowledge of cybersecurity and her findings from research to list both commendations and opportunities for growth for the company’s security practices, some of which have already been implemented.

Two current Forest Ridge Students, Katalia D. ’23 and Bella L. ’23, helped to design custom avatars for the app, which users can choose as a way of expressing their individuality to others. Katalia created interstellar themed avatars and Bella designed fantasy themed avatars. You can view both designs here.

As Forest Ridge and classrooms across the country evolve further, the work of Ms. Witcher and her team will continue to play an invaluable part in shaping the landscape of the digital learning environment. To learn more about Floop, visit the Floop blog or contact Ms. Witcher at cwitcher@forestridge.org