Historical art becomes modern inspiration
Christine Witcher, Middle School Faculty

On October 20, 2022, the Forest Ridge Community celebrated the Feast of Mater Admirabilis. This feast day celebrates a fresco of Mary painted by a student of the Sacred Heart in the 1800s. The fresco has been associated with a number of miracles and is particularly special to students of the Sacred Heart, as it represents Mary as if she were a student.

Fifth grade students studied the fresco of Mary in their Creativity Lab class this year. They learned about the symbols in the fresco that represent different attributes. By applying a design thinking process that they learned about in class, they designed six banners to represent attributes of Mary:

  • A spindle to represent her diligence
  • A lily to represent her purity
  • A heart with stars and crown to represent her holiness
  • A stack of books to represent her intellect

The fifth grade class got great joy out of revealing these banners during the celebration of the Feast of Mater. The banners join a collection of banners designed by prior fifth grade classes and will hang in the gym for celebrations for years to come.