Outdoor PE - Having fun playing again!
Tom Koning, PE Teacher and Middle School Faculty

It’s been fun to get the Forest Ridge students back in Physical Education. Over the last few years, we all have been too connected to laptops, televisions, cell phones and other devices.  We have also lacked much of our direct communication. Middle school PE at Forest Ridge has aimed to combat both of those issues. We play, have fun, exercise and communicate in many of the activities we do. I see and hear the joy for students in every class.

Many of the students’ favorite games are not possible to play with social distancing. We have adjusted many of our activities to keep the students apart. We also try to stay outside as much as possible, utilizing the beautiful campus that Forest Ridge provides.
Often, we spend time on the soccer field, tennis courts and nature trails that surround campus. The fresh, and sometimes chilly air is also something that many of us have lacked in the last couple of years. I find that the students and I appreciate the outdoors like we haven’t in the past. Students have not been shy about sharing their versions of how we can adjust their favorite games and activities so we can do them in a safe way.

“Play” has been a major focus this year. Quite often, I will put out a variety of equipment like pool noodles, scooters and ribbons. The students invent games and play with each other. This “play” was difficult when we were at home. It has been enlightening to rediscover the joy of play in all of our lives.

I can’t quite see the smiles through the masks we all wear during PE class, but I can see it in students' eyes and hear it in their voices. It’s been so much fun to be together again, and play!