People Time vs. Screen Time
Marianni Groves
By Marianni Groves
Theater Manager/High School Drama Director  
November 28, 2018  
Teenagers today are challenged to define what real relationships are. Their screens have become their lens through which the world is viewed. Theater, and the community it creates, throws a beautiful wrench in their daily definition and experience of human interactions. One of the most unique elements of theater is the human interaction. Our girls are asked to not only enter each rehearsal with a heart focused on understanding the script and the characters in it, but inherently this process invites them to extend this same compassion and mindset to their fellow actors and crew. This amazing domino effect creates an environment of trust, compassion and grace which bonds the group together into a unique familial identity.  
It is this community experience that takes the girls from one of isolation to a strong sense of belonging and places theater among one of the most influential activities young adults can partake in. Theater can change lives for the better no matter what profession they are drawn to.  
I look forward to working with our performers on The Ridge and celebrating their courage and growth.
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