Snowmageddon '19
Maritza Tavarez-Brown
By Maritza Tavarez-Brown
High School Science, Advanced Integrated Studies Coordinator
February 11, 2019
This week marks 14 years since I started working at Forest Ridge. As I moved into teaching as a career, I must admit that I do look forward to snow days. The anticipation of knowing that snow may be coming and that call in the morning that school is canceled, makes me think of fun, respite and gives me an opportunity to recharge even if its for a day. That being said, however, I have never had but a few days off at a time – perhaps four at the most. But never this much! And I hope never this much again!
In between building remote lessons for my Physics I & II students and urging my Advanced Integrated Studies students to get their quarter product deliverables done, I’ve had some time to think about remote learning. Remote learning means more than providing a PPT with new content or worksheets to reinforce already covered content. What does it look like when your class depends on hands-on activities to make science come alive, specifically if that’s the vehicle to develop critical thinking is observation, analysis and evaluation? Yes, I have done the PPT & worksheet thing. However, in my quest to improve their experience and get good feedback from students, I have asked for students to complete an exit ticket after they go through the audio version of this week’s lesson. Looks good so far, but I want to take this further.
Thinking about this in earnest is precisely the rejuvenation I need as an educator! My next step is to set some goals for myself. Here I share three:
  1. Carve out some time for creativity, both for myself and my students.
  2. Design mini-inquiry lessons via video to match the units being taught in class.
  3. Look for the intersections between science and the arts à looping back to creativity!
Now I must return to preparing the next day’s lesson. I cannot wait to be back in class later this week to see, hear and LEARN with my students.
Stay safe out there!
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