Strides in the College Application Process
Nikki Danos, Director of College Counseling

What a difference a fall makes! We were able to welcome college admissions counselors to chat with our juniors and seniors in person or virtually this year, and the in-person visits were lively and informative. Furthermore, all of our seniors attended the 8th Annual (Virtual) College Application Workshop that spanned two days at the start of the year. Because of the online nature of the workshop, we were able to host a college panel with representatives from all over the country rather than relying on local colleges to speak with our students.

We also welcomed the news that almost every four-year college in the United States remained test-optional for the Class of 2022, so students could choose whether or not they wanted to submit ACT or SAT scores. Eighty-six percent of our seniors applied “early,” which breaks down to 64% of seniors applying under a non-binding Early Action plan and 36% applying under a binding Early Decision plan. This falls right in line with early application statistics over the past five years.

The pandemic is not quite over, but we’re making strides in college counseling for the better. Our students feel supported and heard. Many are grateful that a standardized test isn’t a factor that could negatively affect them in this process. In the end, our students will be admitted in droves to the colleges they’ve applied to just like in years past. Hopefully this spring, they’ll be able to step foot on those college campuses like old times.