What Makes a Great Leader?
Jessica Secan
By Jessica Secan
Student Life and Event Coordination  
October 3, 2018  
What makes a great leader? I’ve asked this question to high school students year after year and always end up with a similar answer: “A great leader is the person who is brave enough to stand in front of the room and address a crowd.” Yes, and, not necessarily. As adults, we know that there are many other qualities that make up an exceptional leader. It doesn’t always look like that confident person standing front and center, sometimes it is simply the creative and quiet voice who was hesitant to raise her hand.  
High School Leadership looks different in every school across the nation. What we have here at Forest Ridge is unique though. As a Sacred Heart School, we’re lucky to be part of something bigger than us; the Goals and Criteria. We live the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria through every lesson we teach, every event we plan, and each experience we participate in. The High School student leadership program has been re-structured to reflect the Goals and Criteria in a way that is intentional and draws from the leadership skills from the unique voices that our students bring.  
You may have heard about the Goal Ambassador program but haven’t yet understood who these students are and what they do. The structure is simple. Under our four, elected senior ASB officers, the Goal Ambassadors act as a student council. They collaborate in small, multi grade-level teams, and work on plans, initiatives and events that are all driven by their specific goal. Each group has an adult mentor who assists them throughout the year and guides their work. The 2017-18 school-year was the pioneer year for this program.  
What are some of the incredible projects that our Goal Ambassadors have worked on?
  • The Goal 1 Ambassadors planned many of our beautiful prayer services and led weekly prayer in Homeroom.
  • The Goal 2 Ambassadors worked together to create a meaningful teacher appreciation week and worked with Administration on updates to the faculty handbook.
  • The Goal 3 Ambassadors took on the planning of the school-wide service day by creating service experiences that benefitted local, national and even International communities.
  • The Goal 4 Ambassadors (pictured) planned all school assemblies, after-school sports parties and celebrated community birthdays.
  • The Goal 5 Ambassadors examined our school uniform policy, created a website that shared outside opportunities with our students, and took steps in increasing awareness around being a more “green” campus.
As we move into year two of the Goal Ambassador leadership structure, I’m excited to see what the students will come up with. This student led program educates leaders in how to take an idea and follow through in a way that makes the greatest impact. Best of luck to the 2018-19 Goal Ambassadors -- we cannot wait to see what you CAN do!
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