Performing Arts at Forest Ridge - Reflections from Rachel T. '29 and Maddy D. '25

Performing Arts at Forest Ridge - Reflections from Rachel T. '29 and Maddy D. '25

Our no-cut theater program at Forest Ridge is designed to challenge, excite, empower, ignite, and celebrate students as they delve into the art of being human. Students have the chance to explore personal expression, public presentation skills, the power of storytelling, time management, communication skills, trust with self and others, diligence, generosity of spirit, acting technique, vocal technique, dance technique, and much more. Each year the drama department puts on four high-quality, all-girl productions. Read on to get a glimpse into Theater at Forest Ridge through the eyes of two student thespians. 

This year's upper school play was The Putnam County Spelling Bee. Maddy D. '25 shares more about her experience performing as a cast member: 

The Putnam County Spelling Bee was one of the most amazing experiences. I've been doing shows for a long time at Forest Ridge, and every year it keeps getting better and better.

This show has helped me grow to do things I never thought I could do as an actress. I've met so many amazing people who I might not have been able to connect with in other grades, and I have cracked up more times than I can count.

I loved dancing backstage during Chip's Lament, playing chopsticks and rock paper scissors with the other spellers, but most of all I loved being able to spend time with everyone after school every day. There was never a dull moment with us, one minute we were cheering after first hearing each other's solos, the next we were frantically putting on makeup before places.

The process went by so quickly, but I will always cherish the time we all spent together. Having a community that supports you and loves you is amazing, and this group had made our cast a family.

-Maddy D. '25

Meanwhile, the middle school play was Agatha Rex. Rachel T. '29 shares more about her time in this production: 


My name is Rachel and I am in 7th grade. I played Penelope, a member of the chorus, in Agatha Rex.

At first, she is not very willing to help Agatha because she is scared of getting expelled but near the end she realizes (along with everyone else) that it's important to stand up for what's right. I decided to do the play because it's really just a fun experience and you get to meet new people.

Also, if you have never done it before it's something new that you might love and Mrs. Schreiber is really nice and funny! My favorite line is my monologue because it shows a perspective of a past student.

My favorite part of the show might be when we lift up Agatha. Me and two other people lift Agatha up onto our shoulders (1 in back 2 on sides) I like it because it's really fun and I was surprised the first time we were able to do it. The show in general is super memorable and if you watched it I hope you enjoyed it!

-Rachel T. '29