girls in class

She asks hard questions.

A Forest Ridge, a leading private school for middle and high school girls in the Seattle area, education encourages thinking beyond borders of all kinds. We inspire students to challenge themselves intellectually and nurture their own spirituality. Valuing curiosity, inquiry and investigation, each grade-level curriculum is designed to build the skills of flexible thinking, critical reasoning and purposeful collaboration. Reaching across the borders of academic disciplines allows them to draw on learning to be effective agents-of-change.

She is ready.

The goal of a Forest Ridge education is to unlock the potential inside of each student. Our dedicated teachers create collaborative, student-led learning environments because they understand how girls learn best—they’re experts in girls’ education. On graduation day, our students see how much Forest Ridge has changed them and they know they’re ready to achieve more than ever before.

Courses & Departments

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Advanced Integrated Studies

Go beyond traditional classroom studies with AIS.

College Counseling

Our individualized, student-centered College Counseling program provides students with the guidance they need as they navigate the college selection process.

Academic Support

Our Academic Support program empowers students with the skills and confidence to thrive in their classes at Forest Ridge.

Learning at Forest Ridge isn't just interdisciplinary, it's integrating multiple ways of thinking and doing. The more students can see that everything is connected, the better we are preparing them for what the world actually looks like now. We don't want girls to just get into college, we want them to succeed at college. We don't want them to just be able to get the jobs, we want them to thrive at their jobs and be change agents and innovators in their work.Courtney Caldwell, Director of teaching and learning