Middle School: Academic Excellence & Personal Growth

In the middle school, academic excellence meets personal growth in an engaging and dynamic environment. We pride ourselves on offering more than just a curriculum; our faculty and staff, who specialize in working with middle school girls, provide a holistic educational experience that lays a solid academic foundation while nurturing the individual growth of each student.

To empower girls during the critical middle school years, we’ve developed an engaging and dynamic curriculum designed to give students the freedom to explore, build her confidence, develop independence, and use her voice as she prepares for the next step of her academic journey in the Upper School.

Learning is an active, collaborative process with an intentional balance of content mastery and skill development and classrooms are vibrant spaces where students actively participate, collaborate, and explore. Our middle school curriculum is thoughtfully designed to challenge and inspire students, encouraging them to explore diverse subjects and develop critical thinking skills, while building a strong foundation that prepares them for the success in the Upper School and beyond.

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