Learning Support

Helping students understand how they learn can be the key to their academic success.

Our dedicated learning support teachers ensure that all our students understand how to learn effectively. This support empowers students with the skills and confidence to thrive at Forest Ridge, in college and beyond.

Our Learning Support program supports our students and faculty in several ways:

  • Student learning support: Learning support is offered in a variety of ways, both individually and in small group sessions, with teachers and with learning specialists as needed. Students will strengthen their academic skills, create organizational strategies and develop the confidence to self-manage their academic workload.
  • Student self-management skills: Strong self-management skills are vital in life. Students learn skills such as time management, self-advocacy and organizational strategies.
  • Professional development: Through classroom observation and professional coaching, our learning support teachers collaborate with faculty to incorporate diverse learning styles into the class curriculum.

Meet our Learning Support Specialists

Chris Golden, BA Special Education

Middle School Learning Specialist

In his 20 years as a K-8 teacher and learning specialist, Chris has worked with students with a wide range of learning strengths, challenges and differences.

He is Orton-Gillingham and EmPOWER certified, trained in Phonographics and has extensive experience teaching students with a variety of learning differences. Chris has a passion for helping students reach their full academic and personal potential through mentoring, direct instruction and support of their classroom teachers.

Debbie McLaughlin '83, MA

High School Learning Specialist

Debbie McLaughlin has extensive experience working with both high school and college students and understands the skills needed for success beyond Forest Ridge. Her experience as both a teacher and administrator includes a focus on Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Debbie has a deep understanding of UDL research-based principles that are now widely adopted as a guide to design learning environments that are accessible and effective for all students.