Advanced Integrated Studies

Going beyond traditional classroom limits

Advanced Integrated Studies (AIS) is a unique opportunity for students in their senior year to explore a topic of interest beyond the classroom. Rooted in the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria, AIS challenges students to gain a deeper understanding of a social, political or ethical issue; to investigate a topic in science or technology; or to explore the experience of artistic expression. This experience is designed to encourage students to think critically and creatively, solve problems, and develop skills of public speaking, research, media literacy, planning, self-sufficiency, and goal setting: skills that will help prepare students for college careers and adult life. This self-directed, optional experience requires an extended process of inquiry that is interdisciplinary and may include community service, a mentorship or an internship component. Guidance is provided by a faculty advisor and a mentor with knowledge or expertise in the chosen topic area. At the heart of this Experience are: the proposal, the research paper; the product such as a performance or a demonstration; reflection, and the culminating presentation.

This class is graded on a pass/fail basis.

Prerequisite: Proposal submission (spring of Junior year)
Grade level: 12
Credit earned: 0.5 Elective credit per Semester (1.0 credit maximum)

AIS not only furthered my academic interests, but also helped me to learn more about my potential and space for growth.Annie L., Class of 2019

Now, she's the boss

In this capstone experience, students drive the process and learn the skills needed to make their AIS project have impact. The AIS experience prepares students for college-level research as they learn to take risks, raise questions and dig into the process.