The Fine Arts Department, consisting of Music, Performing Arts, Digital Art, and Studio Art, educates each student by focusing on the individual discipline and utilizing values established in the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education. Students learn how art mirrors a culture and gain appreciation of the artistic contributions of our global community, resulting in a deepened understanding of a variety of cultural perspectives. We teach concepts, skills, and learner traits. Concepts deal with aesthetics, discipline, balance, form, pace, rhythm, perception, and essential ideas. Skills are the mechanics of our disciplines - the manual dexterity of the artist in the studio, the ability to communicate and express ourselves with poise on stage, and the ability to make music with confidence and joy.

The primary goals of the Fine Arts program are to expose the student to a variety of media from each of these disciplines, and to empower the work of creative imagination.

Fine Arts courses place special emphasis on many positive traits; passion and curiosity which drive and motivate us, self-discipline and assurance which allows us to act with courage and resilience in our global community, imagination to see a variety of solutions to a single problem. These concepts, skills, and traits are essential to a well-rounded arts education and a well-rounded life. 

Middle School: 5th-8th Grade

Students in fifth and sixth grade take both a Visual and Performance Art course. Students in seventh and eighth grade will have the chance to enroll in a variety of semester-long electives. Below is a list of courses, some offered in rotating years.   

Upper School: 9th-12th Grade

Graduation requirement: 6 Bins. Students may choose from any of the Fine Arts courses to meet this requirement. Students should plan on earning 3 bins in graded courses in the same area (ex. 2D/3D Art Foundations), as some colleges have this requirement.

*Course offerings are based on student interest and minimum enrollment requirements; therefore, some classes listed may not be offered every school year.