Program Philosophy

The college application process is a pivotal milestone for Forest Ridge seniors. While choosing a college or university is an important decision, we trust in every student’s ability to steer her own path. 

Our Director of College Counseling offers highly personalized support and unlimited hours of guidance to Upper School students in their college search. 

We count ourselves fortunate and honored to boast a college counselor distinguished not only by expertise but also by her unwavering dedication to our girls' ongoing achievements in college and beyond. Focusing on the student as a whole—their strengths, both academic and extracurricular, their long-term goals and ambitions, and their vision for the future—our college counselor partners with each student to find the college that is the best fit for them. 


College counseling at Forest Ridge is comprised of highly individualized support tailored for each student's specific needs and other learning opportunities and workshops throughout a student's time in the Upper School. As each student’s process is unique to her, the program is structured but flexible, allowing each senior to chart her own course on her own terms. While we encourage each student to take the lead in her own process, the structure of our college counseling process ensures she is never without the advice and support of our college counselor. 


Over 10 touch points throughout the 11th and 12th grades, including both individual and group meetings, prepare our students for the journey of college admission. Our college counseling program includes: