Departments & Course Guide

She's up for the challenge

At Forest Ridge, our curriculum empowers girls to explore their interests through integrated classes and hands-on learning. We teach girls to recognize they can do whatever they set their minds to — and when they graduate, they're ready. As a leading all-girls school in the Seattle area, we're proud to see our students from all over Western Washington and beyond, excel in all of the following areas.

The Arts

Sparking creativity and resiliency through visual expression.


Inspiring each student to read, lead, and communicate with confidence.


International Languages

Connecting people across the globe through language.


Challenging students to be creative problem solvers and deep thinkers through mathematics.

Physical Education

Providing fun, dynamic and engaging movement for our students.

Religious Studies

Challenging students to explore, contemplate, and respond to life's deepest questions.


Inspiring students to explore and engage with their world as scientists.

Social Studies

Preparing students for an active role on the global stage.


Fueling discovery and innovation.

Advanced Integrated Studies

Go beyond traditional classroom studies with AIS.