High School Studio Art

Isabella F.

My name is Isabella. My favorite type of art is drawing, although recently I've been having fun making cardboard sculptures. After high school I plan to be an author, though I will definitely keep doing art for my own enjoyment!

Annie C.

My name is Annie and I'm a junior at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart. I've been drawing since I was a small child and have always had an affinity for comics and visual storytelling, even if does not take a conventional format. I hope to become a vet but still create comics in my spare time.

Macy Z.

My name is Macy and I am a junior at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart. When I am in art class, I love to experiment with art that I feel challenges me whether that means trying a new medium, form of expression, or style.

Christia F.

My name is Christia, I am a senior and a lifer at Forest Ridge. I joined Studio art this year because I love art and I wanted to have a class that I could relax in and be creative. I will not be attending art school, rather I am going to The American University, in the fall, with a major in Environmental Studies. I have learned and grown so much this year. I love working with mixed media and trying new things that other people do not try. I learned so many new skills over the course of this year. Some of those skills include working with Gouache, making stamps and learning to love collaging. I will continue being creative and pushing my boundaries throughout my life, just like I did in this class.

Julie G.

My name is Julie. I'm a junior at Forest Ridge. I'm planning on applying to art school and majoring and illustration. My favorite mediums are oil, gouache, and ink.

Jessica F.

My name is Jessica. I'm a senior at Forest Ridge. I'm interested in Surrealism and believe that deeper study of the Surrealist tradition allows me to powerfully expose observers to a radically different perspective of the surrounding world. In doing so, I can remind individuals that there is reason and beauty in that which initially does not appear reasonable or beautiful. I'm looking forward to attending School of the Art Institute of Chicago this fall, where I plan to study fine art and design.

Amy L.

My name is Amy, a junior at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart. I enjoy doing all kinds of art work. And I really like fashion designs, I hope I could be a fashion designer in the future.

Rozella K.

Rozella is an interdisciplinary artist and writer based in Seattle, Washington. Through her work, she hopes to delve into the depths of the human mind, and to explore the ideas that determine how we define ourselves in relation to or contrast with the roles that the world seems to determine for us. She feels that exploring this concept through her artwork not only allows her to share who she is with others, but also to represent the stories and experiences that enable us to better understand ourselves and one another. In doing so, she hopes to simultaneously celebrate the uniqueness of the individual as well as the shared experiences that connect all of us.