Drawing and Painting 1 and 2

To view each student's full art piece, please click on the thumbnails below.


This semester has been my favorite of art class I've taken at FR. I feel like when I have the freedom to do art at home without worrying about time crunches of a single class period, I can grow and make it my absolute best work. I have grown in my observational skills and demonstrated things I didn't even know I could do!


I usually do physical art that consists of black and white with little to no colors, therefore having to do a colorful work is something I’m not so familiar with. But I’m surprised in the capability of colored pencils.


During this semester, I explored both observational and intuitive pieces of artwork. Through this process, I was able to develop multiple techniques that are useful when I am trying to represent my thoughts onto paper.


Even though this semester's art class has been different from other art classes I have taken, I still get to learn the art techniques in different ways, from creating colorful to black and white pieces. My success in Drawing and Painting is I enjoy drawing different fun pieces with art supplies from school and at home.