Studio Art 1 & 2

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I feel like I have been successful in the technical aspect of the projects we've done this semester and was able to learn a lot more about composition. I think the most challenging aspect of this semester has been developing my ideas, and I think I struggle more with composition.

Sarah Jane

This semester I was able to explore new mediums and techniques, specifically linocut prints and working in black and white. I am very proud of the patterns I made and my lamp print, along with gaining a stronger understanding of how light works that I feel I exhibited in my still life.


In this semester, I had chances to try a lot of art materials that I had never used before such as linoleum, charcoal, white pencil and graphite. Even though it took me a quite long time to get used to new materials, I am now able to know how to 'play' with them in creating my own pieces which I think is one of my successes.


This semester I learned how to improve my visual storytelling by using different mediums.


I feel like this was unintentional, but most of my works have revolved around line art so I feel that I've really improved in that aspect.


This semester has enabled me to explore new approaches to making art, honing my craft, and create pieces that I enjoy.


I learned different techniques on each artwork process, for example how to create balance when I'm doing the Reverse Ink Painting. My successes and challenges are that I'm both exploring the type of art that I have never tried before and enhancing the skill on the art form I'm familiar to.