Social Studies

Social studies at Forest Ridge builds a framework for understanding modern issues. By examining the interconnectedness of history, students become active and informed global citizens. In 5th through 8th grades, students gain a foundation in the principles of archaeology, ancient civilizations and U.S. history. Students then expand their awareness to ask powerful questions from the perspective of global citizenship.


High school students take a deeper dive and explore the tensions between the wants and needs of individuals and groups. They examine concepts such as fairness, equity and social justice through a global lens. Classes such as Coffee, Sugar and Chocolate: Pleasure, Power and Shame, challenge students to explore the history of our daily consumption. Through active discussion, individual writing, leadership opportunities and exposure to varied perspectives, students deepen their understanding of the world.

2020-2021 Course Offerings

Middle School: 5th-8th Grade

High School: 9th-12th Grade

Graduation Requirement: 4.0 credits (8 Semesters)

*Course offerings are based on student interest and minimum enrollment requirements; therefore, some classes listed may not be offered every school year.