Library & Technology

Pigott Library

The Pigott Library looks out from the Ridge and provides a bright gathering space for students of all grades. Our library is both a welcoming space and a training ground for young scholars.

Knowing how to proficiently use a research library is necessary for success in college. Here, students learn the how to research in an organized and methodical way. Understanding the fundamentals of formulating questions and how to critically evaluate data prepares students for becoming savvy researchers.

Featuring an ever-growing array of licensed database resources and a print collection of over 13,000 titles, girls gather to study, research, collaborate or simply relax between classes.

Educational Technology

Forest Ridge is a 1:1 laptop school. Every student is equipped with a Lenovo® laptop equipped with the Microsoft Office® suite of education tools, inking capabilities and the Adobe® suite of multimedia and creativity software. We pair this laptop experience with a research-based digital citizenship curriculum so that every student learns to participate ethically, safely and responsibly in our digital world.

Students of all grade levels experience project-based learning in our three innovation studios where students can innovate and bring our curriculum to life. Here, students can program a NAO® Humanoid Robot, learn to code, experiment with a 3D printer or create a high-fidelity digital rendering.

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