The aim of the Mathematics department is to nurture each Forest Ridge student to grow in her knowledge of mathematical content and to deepen her mathematical thinking. We lead students through a curriculum that allows every individual to be challenged to realize her highest mathematical potential, as we recognize that students have differing backgrounds and abilities. Thus, we believe it is essential that each student be placed in the level of mathematics that will provide the appropriate level of challenge.

Mathematics is a global language, and to that end our courses guide students through a global awareness of math through a study of current events through a mathematical lens, hands on projects to demonstrate real world applications, and a variety of cultural views and approaches to math.

Middle School: 5th-8th Grade

Our middle school math courses are thoughtfully designed to provide all students with a comprehensive foundation, equipping them with the tools and skills necessary for success in advanced math courses. Students in fifth and sixth grade will be placed in a math class with their grade-level peers. All students are expected to demonstrate grade-level proficiency with Common Core math standards and engage collaboratively in rigorous mathematical practices, like attending to precision and reasoning abstractly. Students who may benefit from more challenging coursework are supported in pursuing additional rigor through a range of enrichment activities. Students may accelerate into Algebra 1 in seventh or eighth grade by engaging in enrichment activities and demonstrating proficiency with algebra readiness skills. Students who successfully complete Algebra 1 may advance to Geometry. Both Algebra 1 and Geometry are high-school-level courses and will require significant commitment from the student. Throughout our middle school math courses, we take great pride in cultivating the mathematical talents of students and fostering a deep, thorough, and multidimensional understanding of concepts that enable them to reach their full potential and succeed in whatever path they choose.   

Upper School: 9th-12th Grade

Graduation requirement: 9 bins and satisfactory completion of Algebra II. Students are assessed in the fall of each school year to ensure proper placement.

*Course offerings are based on student interest and minimum enrollment requirements; therefore, some classes listed may not be offered every school year.