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Partnering with Parents

The journey from 5th grade to graduation is full of excitement, joy and growth. It is a tremendous time of learning. Parenting a daughter during the middle and upper school years is a challenging job, especially in today’s 24/7 world.

Our goal is to support you in your parenting journey through community expert advice, relevant conversations, strategies for common parenting challenges and sometimes just a place for parents to talk. You know your daughter and we know adolescent girls—together we make a great team.

Parent Education

Looking to raise a confident, competent and courageous daughter who is ready to make a positive change in the world? Join other parents and guardians for Parent Ed, a virtual series from Forest Ridge School. 

Our Parent Ed talks provide parents with a digital meeting space to hear from educators and experts who are versed in supporting girls to become authentic leaders, agile thinkers and innovative problem solvers. Gain practical skills that will make you feel more confident, connected and engaged as a parent in this virtual series from Forest Ridge School.

From responsible social media use and parenting in a digital world to perfectionism and resilience, our Parent Education series touches on a wide range of topics relevant to raising adolescent girls. These easy-to-access discussions are designed to deliver expert advice, pertinent conversations and helpful strategies on how parents can raise competent girls who work collaboratively, ask questions, and know their purpose.

Parent Ed Series

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