Portrait of a Graduate

Our Portrait of a Graduate serves as the framework for designing and implementing our integrated, global curriculum, rooted in the Sacred Heart Goals.  With a firm commitment to our core values, we prepare our students to think critically, embrace challenges, model resilience, confront injustice, seek equality and lead globally. 

Sacred Heart Woman

  • Lives with integrity from her core values
  • Develops significant and reciprocal relationships for service
  • Uses prayer and reflection to grow in faith
  • Expresses respect, compassion, forgiveness and generosity
  • Values and protects the dignity of others

Authentic Leader

  • Faces challenges with confidence and resilience
  • Listens with openness, respect, and empathy
  • Communicates clearly and authentically
  • Supports and celebrates the success of others
  • Practices personal well-being
  • Demonstrates autonomy over her own body, voice and choices
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Agile Thinker

  • Adjusts as new challenges and opportunities arise
  • Adapts knowledge to make fresh connections
  • Actively seeks opportunities to stretch learning
  • Negotiates differences to foster collaboration and connection among people
  • Learns from and applies feedback
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Innovative Problem Solver

  • Responds to real-world issues with original and useful solutions
  • Examines issues from diverse, creative, and entrepreneurial perspectives
  • Leverages technology to create new knowledge and understanding
  • Takes appropriate risks and learns from failure
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Global Citizen

  • Seeks to understand the natural and cultural complexities of problems
  • Takes responsibility for her impact on the world
  • Advocates for equity and justice
  • Demonstrates personal, social, and civic responsibility
  • Acts as a steward of the earth's resources