Every day, our science classes are skills-driven, inquiry-based, and hands-on. Class time centers around authentic experiential learning opportunities, where students are encouraged and expected to actively engage in scientific inquiry skills and practice good scientific habits of mind. They are invited to both zoom in to important details and to think big as they take a deeper look at life’s mysteries and conundrums.

A student’s science experience will help her grow as an innovative and globally-minded leader who believes problems have solutions and who understands her actions and choices have impact beyond herself. Throughout her time at Forest Ridge, she will have full exposure to life, physical, and applied sciences.

The science curriculum gives students opportunities to individualize their program of study by offering second level courses and electives. This curriculum encourages students to be women who can reason critically based on evidence, approach complex problems with confidence, and make choices based on a deep respect for, and understanding of, natural systems.  

Middle School: 5th-8th Grade

Upper School: 9th-12th Grade

Graduation Requirement: 9 bins

*Course offerings are based on student interest and minimum enrollment requirements; therefore, some classes listed may not be offered every school year.

Additional Science Electives

Students may choose to supplement their required science sequence with the following elective courses.