Tuition & Affordability

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We recognize that an independent school education is a significant financial investment, and Forest Ridge is dedicated to creating access for students admitted to our school from a wide range of financial circumstances. If paying full tuition is unrealistic for your family, we encourage you to apply for Financial Aid. Last year, Forest Ridge awarded over $2.2 million in financial aid to 30% of our families.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for the 2024-2025 school year is as follows:

  • Middle School: $44,365
  • Upper School: $44,795

Note: Tuition is set annually by the Board of Trustees, and families can expect a yearly rise of 2-8%. Enrollment contracts also include a tuition refund insurance plan, as well as a yearly technology fee which provides students with a required device and on-campus tech support. 

Affording Forest Ridge

Our financial aid program is designed to make a Forest Ridge education possible for all accepted students based on demonstrated financial need and availability of funds. Financial aid awards are an actual reduction of the cost of tuition and range from $3,200 to $41,970.

If a Forest Ridge education feels out of reach based on your family's financial situation, we encourage you to submit a financial aid application. As illustrated by the family financial scenarios below, there are a wide range of families who quality for financial aid awards, as we consider many factors when calculating each family's tuition contribution amount, including assets, income, expenses, and debts. Based on the information provided, Forest Ridge will calculate a tuition contribution amount. Families will receive an estimate of their yearly tuition contribution along with their admission decision.

Family Profiles: Tuition Contribution Scenarios

Student A

Both parents work and earn a combined salary income of about $260,000. The family has daycare expenses for a younger sibling totaling $18,000 per year. The family owns a home that is currently valued at $1.3M. They own two older cars and have $100,000 in retirement savings with no credit card or other debt. Their Forest Ridge tuition price is $34,000, representing about 80% of full-priced tuition.

Student B

A single-parent household with three children in tuition-charging schools. The parent earns $62,000 in income and pays $24,000 in yearly rent on their apartment. The family owns two vehicles, and has minimal savings. Their Forest Ridge tuition price is $2,200, representing 5% of full-priced tuition.

Student C

A single-parent household that earns a salary of $240,000 per year. The family has no school expenses for other dependents, but they do contribute to medical bills for an elderly grandparent. They own a home valued at $2.1M, one family car, and a retirement savings account of about $900,000. This family does not qualify for need-based financial aid, so their tuition price is $42,950, representing 100% of full-priced tuition.

Student D

Both parents work and earn a combined salary of $170,000. The family owns a primary residence in the Seattle area valued at $1.2M, plus a vacation timeshare valued at $10,000. The family has two students at Forest Ridge, paying $22,000 each, representing 51% of full-priced tuition

Applying for Financial Aid

Forest Ridge uses the Clarity Application to determine a family’s level of financial need. Clarity offers a streamlined application process that takes less than thirty minutes to complete on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Each family’s 2022 tax forms (the 1040 and W2) will transfer automatically from the IRS, so there is no need to upload those documents manually. International applicants can select “Did not file US taxes” and complete the international supplement within Clarity. 

Financial aid applications are due by January 11, 2024.

Though they are separate, financial aid awards will be communicated concurrently with out admission decision. Any financial aid awards will be included on enrollment contracts for accepted students.

Click here to begin your family's financial aid application.

Fulcrum Foundation Financial Assistance

All current and prospective Forest Ridge families are invited to apply for financial assistance through the Fulcrum Foundation, which increases access to Catholic schools by providing tuition assistance grants based on family income and circumstances. Please complete applications before the January 1, 2024 deadline to be considered.