The Forest Ridge Alumnae Association

The Forest Ridge Alumnae Association welcomes you to get involved, meet other inspiring women, spark new connections and renew old friendships.
There are many opportunities throughout the year to connect with fellow alumnae through different events and networking opportunities such as, mentoring Forest Ridge students, planning events, fundraising, contributing to Mes Amis and more.
Forest Ridge Alumnae Board

Forest Ridge has an Alumnae Board that keep our alumnae community strong. If you would like share your talents with this distinguished group of women, please contact the Director of Development and Alumnae Relations, Julie Lundgren at, or the President of the Forest Ridge Alumnae Association, Samantha Totton ’09 at



President:  Samantha Totton ’09
Secretary:  Lauren Cruickshank ’07
AASH Representative:  Marcy Tufarolo ’73

Members at Large

Emerald Piedad Dadoy ’97
Cathy Walsh Fisher ’88
Pamela Genise ‘94
Amber Gmerek ’09
Malena Harrang ’10
Mary Jenneskens ’76
Marian Brown Middleton ’72
Vicki Taylor Napoleone ‘75
Janet Jenkins O’Neil ’76
Zoe Otis ’13
Alix Patt ’06
Kim Sinkula ’97
Grace Scarella Wells ’06
Jane Whitaker ’78
Mary Whitney ’77
Julie Lundgren, Honorary Alumna, Parent ’11, Director of Development and Alumnae Relations