Alumnae Board

The Forest Ridge Alumnae Association offers an opportunity to find community and get involved. Through a variety of planned events and activities each year— such as our dedicated social networking channels, newsletters, semi-annual Mes Amis magazine, working with the current students, participation in the Forest Ridge Fund or other impactful campaigns— there are so many ways you can choose to stay in touch and continue to make a difference here.


President:  Casey Hall O’Rourke ’90
Vice President:  Samantha Totton ’09
Secretary:  Lauren Cruickshank ’07
AASH Representative:  Marcy Tufarolo ’73

Members at Large

Mary Whitney Burns ’77
Heather Coles ’99
Cathy Walsh Fisher ’88 
Jessica Gil ’06
Amber Gmerek ’09
Malena Harrang ’10
Sue Heffernan ’72
Mary Jenneskens ’76
Susan Benton Meier ’81
Marian Brown Middleton ’72
Janet Jenkins O’Neil ’76
Grace Scarella ’06
Jane Whitaker ’78
Julie Lundgren, Honorary, Alumnae Director

To learn more, contact Julie Lundgren, Director of Alumnae Relations, at, or Casey Hall O’Rourke ’90, President of the Forest Ridge Alumnae Association, at