Parent Association

Welcome to the Forest Ridge Parent Association

The Executive Committee of the Forest Ridge Parent Association (the FRPA) welcomes you into our community! All current parents, guardians and caretakers are members of the FRPA, where our gifts of time and talent promote a stronger community and advance our students, faculty and school. 

The mission of the FRPA is to expand the spirit of our Sacred Heart tradition to inspire and instill school spirit, culture, and connection throughout our diverse community and to come together in support of our daughters’ collective experience as Forest Ridge Ravens.  

Fundamentally, the FRPA supports and enhances Forest Ridge’s strategic initiatives to reimagine community; ignite curiosity, creativity and purpose; invest in our educators; and secure a vibrant future. 

Be a part of your daughter’s growth, discovery and fun!

Throughout the school year, there are a variety of programs and activities to help all parents, guardians and caretakers feel welcomed, informed and connected. We have opportunities year-round to both support your daughter’s grade level or the school community at large. We boldly ask that every parent commit to volunteering in at least one way per year. Whatever your interest, schedule and time commitment, we hope you will help us grow our community engagement!

Want to learn more?

Please contact Stephanie Nicols, Engagement Coordinator, at or 425-641-0700.