College Counseling


Freshman Year
It’s never too early to start building awareness of college options! When traveling with family, make college visiting a part of your trip plans. You will begin to tease out the important factors, such as size, location, and style as you venture onto campuses.

Conversations about college should not begin in the senior year; instead, take opportunities to talk to relatives, friends, and neighbors about their own college experiences. High school students are asked a hundred times about what they might major in. Begin seeking out and talking to people who are in careers that you think may be interesting to you, but you’ll have plenty of time to consider areas of interest throughout high school and well into college.
Provide your best effort in all of your classes. Academics should be a priority now that your grades “count.” Also, the best test prep is doing well in your classes. Read often to build vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills. And...
  • Attend area college fairs.
  • Explore extracurricular activities that appeal to you.
  • Keep a log of your activities, service experiences, and any awards you receive.
  • Attend College Chat in the spring.
Sophomore Year
  • Attend area college fairs.
  • If appropriate, register for any SAT Subject Test for which you may be well-prepared. The test should take place at the end of the year, in either May or June, so you have enough time to prepare.
  • Continue with the extracurricular activities, possibly increasing your presence and responsibility in the one(s) you enjoy the most and which spark a passion. Look for opportunities for leadership!
  • Continue to keep a log of all your activities, awards, and experiences.
  • Meet with the your advisor in the Spring to determine your plans for your junior year curriculum.
  • Plan ahead for the summer: do you want to take classes at a college-based summer program? Serve on a Sacred Heart Network Summer Service Project? Do other community service? Find a job or internship? Don’t wait until late in the year to begin; many deadlines are in March and April!
Junior Year
This is your year to make your presence known with college admissions counselors. Learn about various colleges and meet with the counselors who may be reading your application in another year. Plan ahead - you must have advance teacher permission if you miss a class. And...
  • Attend area college fairs.
  • Take the PSAT in the fall– it will be automatically scheduled for you on the middle Wednesday of October. Get a good night’s sleep beforehand. This is the only test that qualifies for National Merit Scholarship.
  • Attend Junior College Information Night in late Jan./early Feb.
  • Meet with college counselors throughout the year to discuss college preferences and important test dates.
  • Meet with your advisor to finalize coursework for Senior year.
  • Keep your grades up—the junior year is the first impression (last full year of grades) made on your transcript!
  • Take the SAT/ACT in the spring. We advocate that you take one of each, then repeat the one on which you performed better.
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