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Center for How Girls Learn

Mission Statement
The mission of the Center for How Girls Learn at Forest Ridge High School is to support girls as they strengthen their cognitive and social-emotional skills. The focus is on educating girls to personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom. Our Center offers tangible tools for students to grow and develop as learners as well as provides the greater community of educators and parents with resources on how girls learn.
Programs and Services
The Center for How Girls Learn is headed by our Director for Learning Services, Kathleen Goodman. Ms. Goodman brings a wealth of knowledge on girls and learning from her previous experiences at all-girls schools in the Southeast. She serves as a resource to families, faculty, and students providing consultation on lesson planning, student-focused workshops, and managing accommodations. Ms. Goodman reads and processes the information provided in psycho-educational evaluations to create an Individualized Student Learning Plan which is shared with the teachers. For more questions regarding Student Learning Plans please see the guidelines below.

The Center for How Girls Learn also recognizes the diverse nature of student learning and seeks to provide students with tools that fit their unique learning style- auditory, visual, kinesthetic or a combination. Once a girl knows herself as a learner, she is better equipped to find the study strategies and note taking skills that work best for her. In addition to providing a space for student workshops and parent education, the Center for How Girls Learn provides an opportunity for individual and small group work, a quiet space for testing, and a confidential meeting space for families.
For more information about the variety of programs and services provided, please contact Kathleen Goodman, Director of Learning Services at kgoodman@forestridge.org
Resources and Links
Check out this great article posted on the NCGS Blog about How Girls Learn which mentions the power of a growth mindset.  https://ncgsblog.org/

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