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Overview of the IB Courses Program

The IB Courses Program is for the student who wishes to take IB English HL and IB History SL or HL, but does not want to pursue the IB Diploma. Students selecting this academic pathway may also choose to take additional IB Courses as well. 
In the IB Courses Program, students complete two elements of the IB Diploma Core: Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) and the Extended Essay under the guidance of a faculty advisor. 
Any junior can elect to begin individual IB courses, which are generally completed in the senior year. Students opting to take IB courses are expected to complete all IB required assessments associated with the course. 
Students select IB courses in areas of interest in consultation with a student’s Advisor, teachers, parents, and HS Administration. IB courses are two year courses of study, so it is important that students truly wish to commit to a full two year course in selecting an IB course. 
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