Middle School Program
Middle School Curriculum

6th Grade Academic Overview

Mathematics: Throughout each math course, students continue to develop their conceptual understanding, computational fluency, abstract reasoning and problem solving skills.
  • Courses offered are 6th grade integrated math and pre-algebra. Total of 4 math sections.
  • Placement is based on skill level and pacing needs; most 6th graders take integrated math
Science: Students learn science by doing science, working to develop scientific skills and habits of mind.
  • Class is hands-on, experiential and collaborative.
  • Content covers key concepts of life science, including cells, ecology, genetics and evolution.
  • Each unit centers around a real-world case study and emphasizes making evidence-based claims.
Social Studies: Students study archaeology and how social scientists gather information about ancient people. 
  • Students explore how the past is interpreted through artifacts and written records.
  • They learn about the seven characteristics that historians use to classify a society as a civilization. 
  • The lenses of geography and traits of civilizations frame the study of the ancient civilizations of Egypt, India and China. 
  • Activities and projects immerse students in the cultures and civilizations studied.
English/Writing: Students read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, including memoirs, short stories, plays and poetry. They build their skills in both creative and academic writing, and they deepen their understanding of the writing process.
  • Students continue to strengthen their reading and analysis skills through shared reading, and they practice these skills with both shared and independent reading.
  • Students refine writing skills, practicing idea-development, organization, word choice and mechanics.
  • Students write, revise and publish in a writing workshop at least twice a year.  Workshop emphasis is on the writing process and choice.
Computer Science: The dual purpose of the course is for girls to gain proficiency in using and maintaining their laptops and to develop foundational knowledge of how computers work.
  • Areas of study include an introduction to programming, software and hardware and how they interact, and the basics of binary.
  • The course emphasizes the skills of troubleshooting both hardware and software.
  • Students practice typing as their primary homework throughout the semester.
Leadership: Students learn leadership strategies through hands-on, experiential activities in a workshop format. Personal growth areas developed include: feedback as information, unhooking from praise and criticism, assertive communication skills, owning your strengths and stretches and recognizing and dealing with fear and perfectionism.

Latin: In Latin the students develop a foundation in learning languages that they can apply as they move into a 7th and 8th grade international language program. Students are introduced to formal language study through grammar and vocabulary.
  • Students will be introduced to the grammar concepts of gender, noun/adjective agreement and verb conjugations, as well as study skills, memorization and test-taking skills specific to language study and vocabulary development will be introduced and reinforced.
  • Specific cultural background material about Roman culture and classical civilization is also provided throughout the course.
Religion: Religion class allows students time and structure to focus on their spiritual growth, particularly on their personal relationship with God and to build community with their classmates.
  • Areas of study include Sacred Heart identity, Hebrew Scriptures and world religions.
  • Students lead and participate in a variety of prayer and meditation experiences.
Physical Education: Students continue to build sports skills and habits that will support lifelong fitness.
  • Emphasis is on teamwork and sportsmanship.
Fine Arts: In each of the classes, students not only develop and express their own creativity, but they also take risks in a supportive environment and learn to embrace process over product.
  • All students take music first semester. Students select one course second semester from the following options: studio art, computer programming, video production or drama.
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