Middle School Program
Middle School Curriculum

7th Grade Academic Overview

Mathematics: Throughout each math course, students continue to develop their conceptual understanding, computational fluency, abstract reasoning and problem solving skills.
  • Courses offered: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and/or Honors Algebra I
  • Placement is based on skill level and pacing needs; most 7th graders take pre-algebra.
  • Total of four math sections
Science: Students continue to actively engage in scientific inquiry skills and practice scientific habits of mind.
  • Class is hands-on, experiential and collaborative
  • Content covers the concepts of earth science, primarily geology and astronomy.
  • Class activities emphasize active use of the scientific process, application of content knowledge to answer questions and development of evidence-based explanations.
  • Projects integrate engineering, technology and design thinking into our science curriculum.
Social Studies: Students learn to be informed global citizens as they survey world history through the lens of power. What gives power to groups and individuals? What consequences do we see to the use of power in specific times and places?
  • Units include human geography, boundaries & borders, imperialism & colonialism and communism.
  • Curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, writing and research skills, current events and geography.
English/Writing: Students read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. They build their skills in both creative and academic writing and deepen their understanding of the writing process.
  • Students strengthen their reading and analysis skills through writing and discussion about shared and independent reading.
  • Students refine writing skills across a variety of subjects, practicing idea-development, organization,  word choice and mechanics.
  • Students write, revise and publish in several short workshops, which emphasize process, choice and goal-setting.
International Language: Students begin formal study of an international language.  In 7th grade students complete one half of a high school level 1 course in their chosen language, and they complete the other half in 8th grade.
  • French, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish are offered, with sufficient enrollment.
  • Curriculum includes study of culture as well as language.
  • Daily practice and review are required to master course content. Mastery of content and skills in 7th and 8th grades may allow a student to move into Level 2 of the language in 9th grade.
Religion: Class focuses on the person of Jesus and the core values of Christianity that are expressed in his life and teachings.
  • Prayer experiences, community building and reflection are included.
  • Students learn about contemporary and historical figures who live out those core values.
  • Class activities connect the learning to students’ experiences both in and out of school.
Physical Education: Students continue to build sports skills and habits that will support lifelong fitness.
  • Emphasis is on teamwork and sportsmanship.
Fine Arts: In each of the classes, students not only develop and express their own creativity, but they also take risks in a supportive environment and learn to embrace process over product.
  • Courses offered include studio art, ceramics, maker lab, graphic design and drama.
  • Students select one course per semester.
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