Middle School Program
Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Advisory

Our advisory program is designed to give girls knowledge and hands-on practice around a wide range of social and emotional topics, while helping them discover their unique strengths and abilities.

The team of homeroom teachers (grades 5 & 6) or advisors (grades 7 & 8) work together to design and implement a developmentally-appropriate advisory curriculum for each grade level. This includes basics about growth at each age, as well as topics specific to the needs of each year’s unique group of girls. Many of these topics are also reinforced in other curriculum areas, including religion, science and physical education. Advisory also provides opportunities for students to participate in the larger Sacred Heart community, including grade-level community service.

Individual student advisors/homeroom teachers serve as coaches and sounding boards. Homeroom teachers are a point of connection for each of their students and parents, providing more in-depth support on specific topics as needed (friendship challenges, academic support, family situation).
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