Pigott Library

Library FAQ

List of 17 frequently asked questions.

  • How do I check out a book or magazine from the Forest Ridge School Library?

    Bring the book you’ve chosen to the circulation desk. The librarian will use your name or your student ID number to check the book out to you.  If no librarian is available at the desk, please use the clipboard to write down the title and Forest Ridge barcode as well as your name and student ID number.
  • How long can I borrow a book or video?

    Three weeks is the usual loan period.
  • Can I renew a book I’ve borrowed?

    Yes, just ask a librarian to renew the book for you.
  • Can I place a hold on a book I want that is currently checked out?

    Yes. Please ask a librarian at the circulation desk to place the hold, or email us anytime with your requests. We will email you when the book or DVD is available.
  • How do I return a book I’ve borrowed?

    There is a book return slot in the circulation desk – just drop in your book and we will check it in for you.
  • What happens when my book is overdue?

    The librarians will contact you via email to ask you to return overdue materials. If you don’t respond promptly we will contact your parents.
  • Does the Library charge fines for overdue books?

  • What if I lose a book?

    You will be asked to pay replacement costs.
  • Can I borrow books over the summer?

  • Can I recommend books for the Library to purchase?

    Yes, please tell us about anything you’ve read that’s wonderful. In addition the Library catalog allows readers to rate and review books.
  • How do I access the databases when I’m at home?

    You will need a log-in and password. Contact the librarian for details.
  • Can I eat or snack in the Library while I’m studying?

    No.  You may bring a covered water bottle into the Library. All other food and drink is prohibited.
  • Can I borrow a laptop or iPad or Kindle in the Library?

    You may borrow a laptop from the Help Desk, which is located in the Library.
  • How do I find eBooks?

    Search the Library catalog. Look for the tiny, blue and white "e." Click on the title and the catalog record will appear. Click "open" on the right side of the record. Enter the Forest Ridge username and password, and the eBook will open.
  • How many eBooks does the Library own?

    There are more than 200 eBooks in the catalog, mainly on science topics.
  • Does the Library have printers and copiers available?

    Yes. Currently we have a black & white printer and a color printer for students to use. We hope to have a copier and scanner available soon.
  • I’m having trouble downloading the audio books app. Can you help me?

    We will try. Please bring your device and ask for help.  The Help Desk is also available for trouble shooting technology issues.
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