International Application Process

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • What documentation is required for the international boarding applicants?

    Students must download and complete the International Application located on the International Student webpages located on the Forest Ridge website.  The international application, results of the TOFEL test, and ISEE or SSATB test, two teacher recommendations (one math and one English), school transcript for the past three years.  Students must submit a color copy of their passport, birth certificate, and immunization record as part of the admission process. In addition to the above, all international students are required to provide a certified copy of their parents’ bank statement.
  • Is an interview required? 

    Yes, as part of the admission process, the international student is required to complete an interview.  International students who are unable to visit the school are interviewed via SKYPE.
  • Can boarding applicants visit the campus? 

    Yes, boarding applicant students who live a far distance from the school are encouraged to visit the campus during the admission process.   However, if you are unable to do so this will not be held against your admission decision. Students who live in the local area are required to visit the school and spend part of the day attending classes.  
  • What are the required tests for admission? 

    International students must take the TOEFL and either the ISEE or SSATB test.  We assess the entire application, testing, teacher recommendations, transcript as well as the SKYPE interview to determine if the student is a good mission and academic “fit.”
  • Do I need to speak English fluently? 

    The better your English fluency and writing, the sooner you are more fully integrated into the community and feel comfortable with school work and friendships. However, we do offer English language support and your English does not need to be perfect. 

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Is it natural to feel homesick?

    It is not easy to leave your parents behind and face a new culture so it is only natural that there will be an adjustment period.   However, the Residential Advisors and Residential Director are trained to help you to adapt to your new home, to get involved, meet new friends, and encourage you to take part in activities.  They will always be available to talk with you whenever you need them
  • Who looks after the boarder’s well-being?

    The Director of Residential Life, RAs, residential nurse, the head of high school, and all of the administration are all responsible for the boarding student’s well-being. 
  • Will I have a roommate?

    Yes, at Forest Ridge all boarders will have a roommate. Most rooming arrangements have two students per room. However, there are two rooms that accommodate 3 students.
  • How are roommates assigned?

    Each year you will fill out a roommate form and list all your interests and activities. The Director of Residential Life tries hard to match you with students who have similar interests. You will meet your new roommate soon after arriving. It is exciting to meet someone you will share a room with for the rest of the year. After your first year at Forest Ridge, you will be able to request your roommate.
  • What is it like to have a roommate? According to current student Pai:

    “It’s been great to have a roommate! You live, eat and have fun with your roommate! Your roommate is not only your friend but also your 'sister.' My roommate and I share our daily experiences, solve homework problems together, and clean our room every weekend. Overall, we are very close and care about each other.”
  • Will I have my own bathroom and shower? Do I need to bring things for the shower?

    Boarders share communal showers and bathrooms. You are welcome to bring anything you would like, however; there will be ample time during orientation to shop for supplies.
  • Is Forest Ridge a safe campus?

    Forest Ridge is very safe campus. The Residential Life Program is designed to provide boarding students with a sense of community and comfort, while offering a challenging and supportive environment in which to live and learn.  There is a residential agreement outlining policies and procedures designed for house staff and students to feel comfortable with the rules and regulations to keep students safe and well cared for. Forest Ridge is located in a suburban residential area on the top of a hill.

    It is not a place people drive by every day.  People come to campus because they have business on campus or attend the school. The school employs an on-campus security company who monitors the school grounds every night.  The Bellevue city police, Fire Department, and hospital are only minutes away from the campus. 
  • What is special about boarding at FR?

    Forest Ridge students live all together in a newly remodeled home. At FR the setting is more homelike and not institutional. The campus grounds, including the dorm, are well maintained and located in a park-like setting, with beautiful sweeping views of Lake Washington, Olympic Mountains, downtown Seattle and Mount Rainier.  The residential life program has 27 boarders living in the dorm.  With this small number it is easier for the girls to feel more like a family, to participate in activities as a group, share meals together, travel, and share new experiences. 
  • What happens if a boarding student needs medical attention?

    Forest Ridge has 24-hour access to physicians and nurses. We have a nurse on staff for emergencies and to teach health concepts to our boarders. Our residential advisors are trained in First Aid and CPR. The Bellevue hospitals are within 10 minutes of the school campus.
    During the school day, if a boarder is ill, the student will remain in her room and be supervised by the RA on duty. If medical attention is required, the RAs will do what is necessary to assist the student based on the circumstances. Upon enrollment, students are required to purchase accident and illness health insurance.

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the definition of an international student at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart?  How do they differ from exchange students?

    An international student at Forest Ridge is defined as a student who is a citizen of a country outside of the United States of America and who requires a F-1 Visa and an I-20 form to attend the school. Usually the international students come to Forest Ridge to graduate with the intent to study at an American university after graduating from high school.  International student are admitted to all grades.  Boarding is for high school students.  Middle school students are admitted if the live with their parents. 
  • What is a visa and who needs an I-20?

    Visas are official government endorsements permitting a foreign national to remain in a non-native country. In the U.S., foreign nationals may receive either an immigrant or non-immigrant visa for entry, depending on their goals and their status with regard to U.S. immigration rules. An F classification visa is a type of student visa. Forest Ridge is authorized to issue F-1 visas.

    International students wishing to study in the USA must obtain a  F-1 Visa and I-20 from the United States. In order to do this, a student must meet all of the requirements for admission and be enrolled in the school before the I-20 can be issued.  Forest Ridge will issue a form I-20 and the student must take it with her to the embassy or consulate for a visa interview.

    The visa process includes obtaining and filling out application forms, making an appointment for an interview, and providing the necessary documentation.  The embassy or consulate will then collect and cross-check names before issuing a visa.  The student and her family need to be aware that this process may take several weeks and should plan accordingly to be able to arrive at Forest Ridge in time for the international orientation at the end of August.  The student and family must also be prepared to pay the necessary fees for application and for SEVIS registration before the interview.
  • Who can you ask for help if you need assistance with the visa and I-20 process?

    The international admission coordinator is the most helpful person to assist you with the I-20.  The school administrator files the paperwork with the USA government to issue the I-20 and sends the document to the student’s home after the student’s family submits an enrollment contract and deposit. 
  • Does FR issue I-20s for international students?

    Yes, the I-20 is the prerequisite to an F-1 Student Visa required by the United States Government for an international student to study in the country.  Forest Ridge is INS/SEVIS-certified to issue I-20s to accepted international students after they have signed and returned their contracts with their deposits to Forest Ridge. Once the student has received her I-20, the student then makes an appointment with the United States Consulate General in her home country to apply for the F-1 Visa.  The F-1 Student Visa is the only visa accepted by Forest Ridge. 
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