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Distinguished Alumna and a New Service Award: the Sacred Heart Award!  
The Alumnae Board is excited to announce a new recognition award for alumnae. In addition to the Distinguished Alumna award, there will now be a Sacred Heart Award given to an alumna whose has dedicated herself to Forest Ridge through her serviceSubmit your nominations for both awards by November 1, 2017 for recognition in June 2018 at the Alumnae Reunion.   
The Sacred Heart Award is given to honor an alumna whose dedication to Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart has called her to serve.  She has generously given her time, over the course of many years (consistently or on/off) in support of Forest Ridge, the Society of the Sacred Heart or another Sacred Heart School.  The nominee must be a minimum of 10 years post high school graduation.  The recipient of this award will be recognized and honored at the annual Forest Ridge School Reunion Celebration. 

The Distinguished Alumnae Award is given to honor an alumna who inspires and challenges other around them to enrich their communities and the world.  They distinguish themselves in myriad ways, reimagining the limits of their own potential. This award bestows institutional recognition on an alumna who has distinguished herself in her personal or professional life, in her intellectual pursuits, or in her dedication to service of community, country or society. 

The Distinguished Alumna Award serves also to inspire the entire Forest Ridge School community—students, alumnae, staff and faculty alike—to strive ‘to become their best selves’ in their pursuit of a meaningful life.
Please submit detailed and strong statements of nomination that emphasize the following criteria: 
  • The nominee should embody the core values of Forest Ridge School by exhibiting characteristics of intellectual curiosity, integrity and determination in her ‘pursuit of good.’ 
  • The nominee should have contributed significantly to the welfare of her community or society and accomplished outstanding professional and personal achievements in her field of endeavor. 

Award recipients; nomination form

Distinguished Alumnae 2010-2017

    • Maureen Pleas Brotherton ’72
    • Dr. Elizabeth Gray '91
Carla Elbert Lewis '75
Cora Edmonds-Crean '83
Cristina Mendoza '82
Sue Heffernan '72
Jenny Durkan '76
Judy Pigott '67
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